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Slavic Tarot Review

So this morning, while scrolling through Google to ensure no one was trying to steal my artwork (I possess the legal, physical copyright for each illustration in my Slavic Tarot deck, beyond just the automatic intellectual property rights that come with being an artist; the copyright certificates finally arrived a few weeks ago), I discovered this gem. A tarot blogger purchased and reviewed my deck, and apparently he liked what he saw.

Is this what it feels like to have made it? I’ve been so happy with all the feedback you guys have given me just on my Etsy site alone where I actually sell my decks (which, by the way, only 12 remain, and I am still undecided whether I will order more), but having a whole blog-length review is pretty awesome. His critical points are all deserved, too. He is absolutely correct in observing the deities he points out who scholars disagree on whether they are modern reconstructions or were actually worshipped by the Pagan Slavs (Devana, Rod, and the Rozhanitsy/Sudenitsy). I chose to include them anyway, as the author rightly assumes, because they fitted the archetypes I was going for and though their historical accuracy remains a topic of debate, eventually invented traditions become traditions in their own right. That is how all traditions started, after all.

So if you feel so inclined, do go give the review a read. I’m so stoked that this deck has proven as popular as it has, and I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Fire Lyte for increasing my publicity through sharing my posts and even inviting me on his blog. And if you haven’t ordered a deck yet, they are *are* almost gone, though I do sell the original artwork, too.

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