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Live Q&A on Facebook!

Hey guys! So next Saturday (26 September), I'll be going live on my Facebook page to answer your questions and talk about some of the different sentient species that occupy my fictional world of Aorea: the lanti, the sierrens, the freesians, and the evrae! There are a heckuva lot more peoples that populate the mythical, mystical otherworls--dracora, niethera, kemdar, etc--but I'm sticking with these four because a) I don't want to blabbing for hours, b) I want to save time to answer your actual questions, and c) those are the four species that most resemble, well, humans. As far as your questions go, I'll be happy to answer anything - progress on Hidden, my various fur- (and feather-) children, how my music and any other side projects you might be curious about are coming along.

With only a few months left before Hidden's release (21 December 2020), I'm really excited to sit down and talk with you guys. So drop by, leave a question in the comments (or just come and say hi!), and we'll have a grand old time! I've since figured out the technology issues that plagued my previous Facebook Live session, so fingers crossed, everything should go smoothly this time around. Hope to see you there!

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