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Other creators you should be paying attention to

Author | Kit A. Sinclair

Kit A. Sinclair

Kit A. Sinclair writes young adult fiction and poetry. She recently published a collection of poetry, Alexithymia. Her upcoming novel Wolf Moon Rising is in the editing phase and will be published later in 2021. Wolf Moon Rising is a fresh new take on a combination of familiar fairy tales that will keep you guessing (and wanting more) at every turn. Sinclair is also known for her poetry, which she posts regularly on Instagram @kit.a.sinclair


Hailey K. Jacobs

Hailey K. Jacobs is a rising author with her debut novel, The Winter Sun, which is currently in the final editing phase and due to be published very, very soon.


She believes that stories are the center of humanity. You either consume them, dream them, or both. Although she has a number of hobbies, to include digital drawing, ice hockey, and writing itself, she spends most of her days plundering the secrets of the universe with science as the lens. Whether through science, art or literature, she is a fantastic storyteller and world-builder.

TD Smith_edited.jpg

T. D. Smith

T.D. Smith is the author of Star Sharks, a compelling science fiction novel exploring grief, loss, and chaos, as well as the The Lucky Run: A Magical Tale of a Boy and his Dog.


Smith is a creative, driven person who is full of ideas and loves to write. He posts regularly on his blog on a range of topics, including his personal experiences in writing along with his thoughts, feelings, and updates about his current and upcoming books.

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