New: Youtube Channel

I did a thing.

I spent my morning filming myself talking to a camera, which as it turns out is not nearly as easy nor as natural as I thought it was going to be. I can talk your ear off in person about a number of topics, but apparently talking to a computer webcam is a lot harder than it looks. Regardless, I did eventually make it through the initial recording in a semi-coherent manner, and after a wee bit of editing with titles/links here and there and adding an opening title (with a short snippet of some eerie music I recorded this afternoon to go with the video, based on the first measure from the "Song of the Birch Forest," which is really just the song Gren sings in Circle 1: Destined to open the portal between worlds).

What I learned over the course of this filming and editing, apart from that the whole process is a lot more difficult than it would first appear (thus, I have a whole new respect for those who video blog on the reg and make it look easy and natural and flawless...mad props, y'all), is that my nose looks way more crooked on video than it does in real life. Or at least, more crooked than I am used to seeing it in the mirror. Perhaps it has always looked that way to others; I suppose I shall never *nose.* (Sorry, my pun game is a little weak today.)

Anyway, if you'd like to see me flounder in front of a camera for a few minutes while I try to convince you that indie authors are worth reading, check out the link below:

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