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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

A map of Nomansland, located in the northeastern hemisphere of Aorea

In case you don't regularly check out the website, which likely applies to everyone except my parents, I've been working on the sub pages a lot recently (an indie author's job is never done) and thought I'd share the new Books section! I added a ton of new information, to include a section of where the series is heading plus maps of four of the locations in Aorea: Nomansland, Faerie, Dahrigek, and Pendra. Thus far in the series, we have only seen Nomansland and Faerie, although the other continents have been mentioned a few times, especially in Destined. As the series progresses--which I promise it will!--you'll get to see many more parts of Aorea, like Evra (in the northwestern hemisphere and the original home of the evrae, from which the continent takes its name) and the vast Kemdarian Region (home to--you guessed it--the kemdar, especially now that Proud Sier has fallen). And no, the falling of Sier is not a spoiler. It happened well before the beginning of Destined...

Perhaps I'll write more about the glory days of Sier one day as a prequel to Circle, but for now, I'm just trying to knock out the main series!

I try to be descriptive and give the readers a good sense of geography in my writing, but I know that it still doesn't always make things clear, especially for you visual folks like me. I draw the maps of each location my characters have traveled to (or, in some cases, will travel to) mostly in an effort to help me keep distances and directions straight. For those who have read the stories, you may have noticed that distances in Aorea are a funny thing; while the general layout of any given area stays the same, exactly how long it takes to get from one point to another tends to vary, even if they have been traveled many times before. This particular phenomenon is alluded to several times in both Destined and Bound, but it is never fully explained.

In Aorea, journeys take precisely as long as they need to. No more, no less.

I hope you enjoy the new updates to the Books section, and I hope you'll be back to hear about my latest progress on Hidden!

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