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Etsy Strike is Over, but…

So the strike is over, and my Etsy shop is open for business again. Having kept it in vacation mode for a week means my stats—and thus, the algorithms that drive traffic to my page—are way down. But that’s ok; I can recover. While I was in vacation mode I set up a shop on this site as well as on Ko-fi, which you can find either by clicking the fancy new button in the site header that says “Buy me a coffee on Ko-fi” oooor just click here.

Not much else to say at the moment, at least not about the strike. I probably will make a post, maybe a series of posts, about Putin’s Assholery in Ukraine in the near future. I feel obligated to say something about it, I’ve just had a really hard time organizing my thoughts into anything coherent besides blind rage about the invasion and a general feeling of f@$# Putin and anyone who supports him. As a former Army officer who lived in Russia for six months and traveled to several Baltic countries, and who now studies Slavic languages and literatures (albeit, Russian = my best area of expertise; my Polish and Old Slavic are rudimentary at best, and I have not yet had a chance to study any others), I definitely have some feelings.

Until then, that’s what I’ve got.

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