Tangled Patterns

Don’t worry, this interruption to the world of Wendy and “Faerie Stones” will be brief, and part IV of the short story is still on schedule for release later this weekend. However, as is often the case, my real world is bleeding over into my fictional worlds, and stars and galaxies and sirens and tangled threads of fate have been often on my mind as of late. 

After a recent discussion with one of my oldest friends (we have known each other since we were about 5-6 years old) about the role of fate versus individual agency, I have spent a lot of time mulling over the different patterns we weave throughout our lives, the way individual decisions ripple out and connect and bind us to others. Bindings and connections that ebb and flow, changing from time to time and life to life, but drawing us all back to the center. 

Those thoughts became the below snippet of poetry. It’s rough and incomplete, a fraction of a theme I am actually pursuing in the full length novel Hidden in a somewhat different fashion, but it’s something I thought was perhaps worth sharing. 

And thus, I share it with you today: Tangled Webs. The accompany painting I made many years ago, but it seemed to fit. Without further ado, enjoy. 

The twin arms of a spiral galaxy, A binary system, dual-gravity, The tangled threads of destiny, Cut short, shredded before The weaver could finish weaving. The spinning kore at the center, God or Goddess, what does it matter? Torn apart, drawn back together, Twisting fate that twists forever. In the end you dance your pattern, Your constellation burning bright, And one day we shall dance together: The webs we weave, tangled in time.

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