Walking the Warrior Path at LC PPD

Come on down to Pioneer Womens Park on 8 October in Las Cruces, NM to hear MAI Murray, the DRGL of the Fort Bliss Open Circle as well as the author of the fantasy adventure novel Destined and upcoming novella Bound host a thought-provoking discussion regarding the Warrior archetype. The lecture is titled Walking the Warrior Path: Ancient Heroes for Modern Times. MAI Murray will be speaking from 12pm to 1pm, and there will be time at the end of the session to answer any questions.

Subtopics that will be covered in the body of the lecture include:

- Approaching deities that fall into the Warrior Archetype

- Bringing Warrior energy into your life

- Identifying as a Warrior in the modern age

MAI Murray will be available before and after the lecture at the FBOC Tent in the vendor section of the festival to answer any additional questions.

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