Patreon Page Up & Running

In an attempt to be able to reserve exclusive content--sneak previews of upcoming works, extra special art projects, free giveaways, and first dibs on being a beta reader once the draft of Hidden is finally complete--I've decided to set up a page on Patreon where you can become, well, a patron.

Thus, while I will still continue to post teasers and excerpts here and on my other public profiles (Instagram and Facebook included), if you become a subscriber to my Patreon, you'll have access to even more, to include reading full chapters of Hidden (instead of just out-of-context quotes and brief excerpts) without having to wait for the official publication, as well as getting to see completed artwork well before anyone else. The other thing I'll include for my Patreon supporters are the occasional signed book giveaway and other opportunities for some swag (original art, prints, etc).

So, without further ado, head over to, where you can read the first chapter of Hidden in its entirety!

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