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New Covers and Audiobooks

The view while I'm writing...that is, when it's cool enough to keep the curtains open, which it hasn't been lately

So while I've been waiting for my new laptop to arrive, now that everything is double and triple backed up into multiple files and multiple folders and multiple drives (never again! if overkill it must be, so be it), I have remained absurdly busy.

After years of prodding by my husband, I have finally consented to turn Destined, the first novel in my Circle series, into an audiobook. So for all you audiobook fiends out there, you'll be able to listen to a professional voice actor narrating my story, complete with character voices. The whole shebang. And for those of you who have been wondering how to pronounce all the crazy names and Slavic or Russian words I've thrown in there, now you will know! Because of course, my over controlling self had to send in a recording of the proper pronunciation of all the names and unfamiliar terms I use. Heaven forbid they not come out perfect.

So yes, audiobook is officially in the works, and when it's live I will post the link! It will be available on Audible and iTunes and anywhere else audiobooks happen to be sold. I prefer to read books and imagine the characters' voices for myself, so I have never been much of an audiobook listener, but it's another mode of getting my story out there. Ultimately, that's all any writer wants: to be read (or heard; same thing). Because of the nature of audiobooks and how much effort goes into recording them, it will also be a bit pricier than the e-books or the paperback are, but comparable in price to other audiobooks of a similar length. Perhaps when the whole series is done, I'll release a hardcover boxed set as well...but that is many years, and four books, in the future.

Speaking of the paperbacks...they are about to get a whole new look! And by "new" I mean I have tweaked the cover so that it matches better with the e-book cover, which is closer to my original vision for what the book should look like. However, the technology at the time when I originally released the paperback was not quite up to the task of making them match. Either way, now the cover of the paperback uses the same art, font, and layout as the e-book does, so the colors should be more vibrant upon printing. So long, old cover! The text remains the same (although I did catch and correct a few more typos in the final manuscript; so embarrassing), so it's the same book you're used to. But if you want a copy with the shiny new cover, the updated version will be live on Amazon in about another 48 hours. Or, if you want to buy the used copy in "good" condition that someone is selling (probably a scam company) for $800-some, be my guest. But if you want a signed copy, all you have to do is ask! I promise I don't bite.

Well, not without a request, anyway.

Final bit of news: along with the revamping of the cover for the paperback and the creation of the audiobook for Destined, the e-book also got some love (as did the e-book for Bound). I finally went through the X-Ray feature for kindle, so if you forget who a character is--I do have quite a few I juggle throughout both stories, and considering *I* have to reference my notes regularly to keep everyone straight, no judgment if you have trouble remembering who's who--or if you're unfamiliar with one of my obscure references to either Slavic myth and folklore or long dead historical figures from Ancient Rome, you'll be linked straight to a quick note on the character or the corresponding wikipedia article, whichever is more relevant. So for all those who thought the lanti were just the Greek gods with weirdly changed names, now you can learn about the pagan Slavic pantheon that I used as my initial inspiration. No more confusion about why Zeus has copper hair and carries an ax, eh?

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