A Single Inhalation

Three years were but a single inhalation in eons' worth of labored breaths, yet those three years had brought him turmoil and confusion and an ache unlike any he had ever known before.

Three years of a craving that, once it gripped him, would never let him go.

I have been quite busy writing, and this little quote comes from one the scenes I finished a few days ago. I am now nearly done with chapter 10 (out of 12 planned chapters), so we are drawing closer and closer to finishing that first full draft. I like to take a break (a few weeks, a month) in between writing the first draft and beginning the re-writing and editing process. It helps create that distance so that I can view my work more objectively, rather than as the writer whose baby it is. As they say, as a writer you need to be able to "kill your children," or something to that effect. That waiting period helps me do so.

I have a break from grad school coming up soon, and rather than using it to study for comps (what I should be doing), I will likely spend the bulk of my time writing. Thus, prepare for my next announcement to be "Hey! I finished the first draft!" Well, fingers crossed, anyway. And at some point I really will get back to updating my video blog and finally conduct some of those interviews with other authors I promised you. Logistics remain problematic, but such is life. Until then, I hope you enjoy the brief quotey excerpt! Oddly this one is not getting many hits on insta in comparison to most of my quote-posts, so perhaps something is up with my algorithm. Or perhaps people just don't like it. Whichever. (Though if it's the latter, I may be in some trouble with this next book...)

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