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It's nearly short story time

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Alrighty, dear readers, after months of relative silence, I finally have some news! Very soon (as in the next few weeks), I'll be posting part one of a short story right here on the blog! The short story is entitled "Faerie Stones," and is written in diary-entry format from the perspective of a new character as she encounters our resident heroes Mari, Gren, and Ruv, as well as the ubiquitous  Sam and Sarah. 

Without giving away too many vital spoilers, here's what you can expect from the story and my unique choice of publishing it right here on the blog, rather than as an ebook like Bound

  • The short story takes place in a small town in the Scottish highlands

  • It's composed as a series of diary entries over the course of several days

  • Wendy is a scientist; this colors her perspective more than anything else

  • Each entry will be published separately as its own blog entry, one week apart, starting ...whenever I finish it.

  • As always, shenanigans ensue

I have loads more stories in *store* for you as the years go by (enjoy my little pun there?), including five more novels, four more novellas, and four more short stories that all take place within the wonderful world of Aorea and the context of the Circle series. Novels will be published in both digital and paperback format available on Amazon, novellas will be published as ebooks available through Kindle, and short stories will be published on the blog. Once I come to the end of the series (in probably a decade or two; please be patient with me), I'll then release all of the novellas and short stories combined into a paperback anthology! So for those of you asking for a print novella, you'll get one! You'll just be waiting for a bit...

And one last spoiler: here's a pic of Wendy! For now, anyway. My character designs tend to evolve over the writing process, so they don’t always end up the way I initially imagined them.

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