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Destined: The Paperback!

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Excellent news, readers! You are no longer confined to reading Destined on a kindle or tablet or phone; now, if you are of the old school variety, you can experience the world of Aorea in paperback! You can snag your very own copy of Destined in physical form right here

Since this is such a great day, here's another bonus: a verse from one of the songs that will appear in Hidden, book two of the Circle series and the second full length installment. This snippet is from the Song of Words, which will be performed (in the book of course), by Brae. So spoiler alert! Everyone's favorite leshii returns to teach Gren an Aorean ballad or two (and of course, lots of other things, but we don't want to be giving away too many details or you'll never read the book). Without further ado, the Song of Words. Well, part of it. 

Words flew out of the smoke and the fire

Upon leather wings, the First came from the isles

They witnesses the world yet they wrote nothing down

Still the Words, they scattered all around

Words dripped out of the ice and the rain

With their glittering scales, they filled the seas

They witnessed the world and they named every sound

Still the Second wrote nothing down

Words bubbled up from the mountain springs

With their sparkling horns, they hailed the breeze

Like the First in the sky and the Second in sea

The Third witnessed the world and began to sing

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