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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Well, friends, I have good news! Bound, the novella that takes place roughly two years after the events of Circle: Destined and approximately six months prior to Circle: Hidden, is now available on Amazon in e-book format! Since it's just a novella, I was hard-pressed to find an excerpt to preview for you here without revealing too many key plot points or spoiling the fun new characters I have planned for you. So where can you get your hands on it? Glad you asked! Right here!

And in other fantabulous news, Destined will soon be available in a nifty paperback version as well, so if you prefer the feel of a real book in your hands to the digital age, fret not--you can still read the book that started it all! Stay tuned for more updates and a link to the paperback version of Destined once it's live, too.

And now, for a *very* little taste of what you have to look forward in the pages of Bound, read below! No major spoilers to be found here on the blog--for that, you'll just have to buy the novella.

As the final note rang out, the swirling symphony was at its apex, deafening the friends as they desperately kept their hands linked. Suddenly they felt space-time turning faster and faster around them, pressing on them with all the gravity of the world beneath their feet. And just as suddenly as the thunderous, suffocating magic of transportation had started, it stopped, and they opened their eyes to find the temperate Birch Forest replaced by a deep, damp, emerald jungle.

Like the other traveling circles they had encountered, the Faerie circle was comprised of several concentric rings of trees and stones. Instead of the birch trees they left behind, this outer ring was made of the twisting, black trunks of trees whose species they could not name, branches drooping and heavily burdened with unripe fruit nestled among dark leaves. Within the ring of dark trees was another circle, this one of small standing stones that sparkled in the green light, speckled with quartz and amethyst. Furthermore, while Nomansland had been quite humid in its own right, the rainforests of Southern Faerie made the three friends feel like they were breathing underwater; although the deep shade kept it somewhat cooler, the humidity was overpowering.

“Everyone alright?” Mari asked at length. Apart from minor headaches and the slightest sense of nausea, they felt mostly normal, and so her companions answered her question with nods of assent. “Awesome!” Mari exclaimed. “So my next question, then, is does anybody smell panther?”

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